Sunday, 24 February 2013

My First Marathon

Sunday 17 February
- 5km jog

Monday 18 February
- 20km (half marathon)

Wednesday 20 February
- 20km (half marathon)

Saturday 23 February
- 40km (approx 25.5 miles which, in my mind right now, is basically a marathon!)

- - -

Today is Sunday 24 February. This time last week I had never even attempted a half-marathon in my life. Never. Now I've done two half marathons and a marathon in one week. I've ran over 80km this week (over 50 miles). Today, I may be walking like Frankestein's monster, but........

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............Sunday 24 February
I write this blog, I'm walking VERY gingerly, and my clothes are still dumped in the lounge from yesterday! By the way, yesterday I was lucky with the weather. Friday was snowing non-stop, yesterday was very cold but no snow, and today it's snowing heavily again. Here's the view from my terrace right now:

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