Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Human Hippo

Yesterday I was invited...............

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........ If anyone believes that a diet based on raw vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, beans and oats is not enough to do this then I urge you to read Rich Roll's book "Finding Ultra" - there is one paragraph which struck a chord with me:

"Some of the strongest and most fierce animals in the world are plant-powered.
The elephant, rhino, hippo, and gorilla have one thing in common - they all get 100% of their protein from plants"

Please, anyone, if I have the pleasure of your company over the next two months then please do not be too offended if I refuse to take a drink with you and please don't look at me too strangely if all I eat is plants, vegetables and fruits!!

I'm trying to become a HUMAN HIPPO !!!!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

My First Marathon

Sunday 17 February
- 5km jog

Monday 18 February
- 20km (half marathon)

Wednesday 20 February
- 20km (half marathon)

Saturday 23 February
- 40km (approx 25.5 miles which, in my mind right now, is basically a marathon!)

- - -

Today is Sunday 24 February. This time last week I had never even attempted a half-marathon in my life. Never. Now I've done two half marathons and a marathon in one week. I've ran over 80km this week (over 50 miles). Today, I may be walking like Frankestein's monster, but........

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............Sunday 24 February
I write this blog, I'm walking VERY gingerly, and my clothes are still dumped in the lounge from yesterday! By the way, yesterday I was lucky with the weather. Friday was snowing non-stop, yesterday was very cold but no snow, and today it's snowing heavily again. Here's the view from my terrace right now:

- - -



- - -


Friday, 22 February 2013

Pizza Ruins Sleep :-(

I'm writing this at 4:10am in the early hours of Friday 22nd February. I'm wide awake. I really want to sleep, primarily for my body to recuperate to provide me with the energy and foundation to tackle my first ever 40km (25 miles, basically a marathon) tomorrow. But I cannot sleep. It's seemingly impossible right now and I've been awake for over half an hour already. So, I made a cup of PG tips English tea and am writing this.....

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... my lovely Victoria.

6:45am - still no sleep; time to get ready to go to work ...


Thursday, 14 February 2013

When the Mind Suffers...

Wed 30 Jan, Milan:-
5km walk + 500 push-ups, pull-ups, etc in my local little park

Thur 31 Jan, Milan:-
7km light slow jog (the first run of 2013, finally my calf muscle injury held out!) to/from Castello/Naviglio

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............... Physically, this 100 mile challenge is THE biggest challenge of my life - bar none. And I wonder how strong I am now mentally to cope with it.

If when the mind suffers the body shows it , then I wonder if when the mind is strong can the body show it then too ?