Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Aftermath

The aftermath of all this is:

THIS BLOG HAS NOW BEEN ARCHIVED - to obtain it email:

In doing this crazy 100 mile run for my brother; for your sister and your brother...
Going thru this crazy process for the Greater Good...
It doesn't half make me feel like a
real HUMAN BEING you know?

Especially when you read some of the messages that people send to you...

My God, there are some brave and courageous brothers and sisters out there - THANK YOU - really, THANK YOU to every single one of you...



On 29 April 2013 19:33, Louise wrote:
Hello Simon,

You don't know me and I don't know you. I do know Xxxx Xxxxxx, however, lest you think I am a total weirdo stalker type.

So there I am innocently having a casual nose around Facebook in an uninspired moment and I see that XX has been tagged in a post. Your post. The subject and picture draw me in and of course I have a look. I am a runner. I am intrigued. What fueled your fire? I had to know. I read on. I read your blog. I read your entire blog from start to finish in one go. I cry (lots), I shiver, I smile, I find my heart warming into such delirium at what I am reading I fear it might burst, I laugh ridiculously at your frozen pea shots, the tea towels on the ankles etc etc and basically, I find myself more than a little bit inspired. Hence this curious rhetoric I find myself compelled to pen to you.

Whilst I've not ran 100 miles in one go, I've done two marathons, numerous halves and related entirely to all that you were saying in the running sense. It takes another runner to understand the lonely miles ran on the road. To understand the mind over body. Was that alone enough to make me write to you? No. It was your why. It was your reason. It was your story. It was fact that you ran for Mind, that you talk freely about Mental Health issues, that you stood up and did something extraordinary to raise money for a cause that means a lot to me also. I've ran for Mind once, and my two marathons I ran for Samaritans…. So everything you said had a kind of uber poignancy to me. I won't out pour the finer details of my life, suffice to say I've suffered from depression and am only too familiar with a dark night of the soul. I can't bear the thought of people suffering alone and that's why I run for Samaritans.

And so from a complete randomer, I guess I just wanted to express my heartfelt awe, admiration and respect for what you have done. I also want to thank you for sharing your story. I can't find superlatives that are up to scratch.

I remain entirely inspired. You've warmed my heart today and in the midst of post marathon melancholy, it was the perfect time to read your story.

Take care,


On 12 May 2013, at 12:42, simonsrockyroad <> wrote:
i'm sorry it's taken me a long while to reply to you - but i didn't just want to send a little flippant reply , i wanted to really thank you for taking the time and courage to share this with me
it's unbelievable , truly unbelievable - i have been blown away by the response this stoopid 100 mile run has got and knocked off my feet by some of the messages i have received from people all over the world , it really has been ridiculous and i've just not had the chance to get back to people and/or thank people for the donations too
so, i am thanking you now - THANK YOU - really, honestly, THANK YOU - i can't say any more because the words don't do it justice for the inspiration that your email gives to me .. overcoming the doubt and fear of writing all this goddamn blog throwing my life out there - it's a scary thing to do , it still is a frightening prospect - and now 2 weeks after the event i'm reflecting back on it and thinking oh no what the hell have i done - i feel so embarrassed!!! - people look at me differently , they know virtually my entire life - it's a very strange feeling .. although there is an intern at work who i don't even really know who just came up to me and hugged me in front of everyone; that was reassuring in some way...
anyways, i could ramble forever
i just purely wanted to say THANK YOU
oh , and i am planning to write a blog post with messages that people have sent to me - i would like to use yours if i may ? (of course, i replace your name and xxxxx's name with XXX and make it totally anonymous) - i would understand if you said no , but i believe it's an amazing email and i would love to share it with others... lemme know huh and hope to meet you soon
On 12 May 2013, at 18:43, , Louise wrote:
Dear Simon,
Thanks for your message and please do not apologise at all for not writing sooner. I hadn't anticipated a reply, I had just wanted to reach out and tell you that your story struck such a chord with me and truly touched my heart. Like really touched my heart. It made me stop and think, a lot, and I thank you for that.
You should absolutely NOT feel embarrassed for baring your soul. I admire your honesty, courage and compassion. I think it's wrong that mental health issues are often viewed as taboo and hence swept under the carpet. The world needs more people like you to stand up tall and shout hey, this is the deal, this stuff really matters and thereby raise awareness.
The beauty of your blog is that it shows such raw emotion, such grit, such depth of feeling and such honesty - topped off with a huge dollop of humour. I felt a roller coaster of emotions just reading it and cannot even begin to imagine how you felt running.
Of course you are absolutely at liberty to share my email, my pleasure. I'm not precious about my name so don't even worry.
It must be odd in a way having strangers write to you and in turn share their stories and bare their souls, but that's the beauty of what you have achieved Simon. People are talking about mental health issues, people are talking about depression and YOU are the one to have given them their voice.
I hope you are recovering from your Herculean feat. Bravo doesn't cover it. Hope Stephen is well too.
 Take care, be proud and know that you are a huge inspiration, a legend in your own Rocky shorts ;-)
L xx

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It's a phenomenal thing you're doing, but regardless of the result, what matters is that you are going to such lengths to do something good. Mental health is an issue close to my heart, as my wife XXXXX has had depression for 21 years, and in the last few (funnily enough, since we met....??!!) it became severe and I had to work relentlessly to keep her in this world. Very challenging times. It is fantastic you are doing so much to raise awareness of this issue. You already have the eye of the tiger!
Take care,

Hey! It's been so long. Read your blog. I must say that it is so honest. You opened yourself up to the world like that. Not sure I could ever do that. Takes some kind of courage. But you always had that and a positive demeanor. Keep up the mission. But seriously, ice your legs if you do long runs. That is what I did when I trained for marathon. Big hugs. Keep smiling. I get depression too, and it has been a constant battle for me but i’ve done the work to keep it at bay and stay positive...
Simon I am touched from what you are trying to do!!! I will talk to you about it, I have the same experience you have! ....Let me know how I can participate..

Dear Simon
This is XXXXXX from XXXXXXXX in Korea.
I sincerely hope there is no problem and show your big love to your brother after.
I have same case with you, my elder brother has closed his mind 20 years ago.
He had big shock from my family and he was in Darkness around 7 years.
He was very sensitive painter in university at that time. finally he opened and getting better now..but he is still like 10 year old kids. (he is 43 now)
I'm giving pocket money all the time I see him . he loves to go Mcdonalds and starbucks.. but I'm still worry about his tooth (he does not brushes well...)hhh
anyway one thing, don't hurt yourself..
Your Friend from Korea
I've just read your last blog/ message.
I never ever ever realised what you were dealing with. Families and personal lives are so private or can be. My life is complicated, my parents relationships, emotional well being and coping mechanisms have been complicated too. What you are working towards and achieving and continue to struggle with is worthy of a book.
Write something that people can learn from. Your writing skills are inspiring and I'm sure many people could very easily relate to. My dad had a breakdown when I was three for five years and our relationships have been very complicated because of it. My mum has been on anti depressants all my life because of my dad and her mum. People have stuff they deal with but tend to hide or keep quiet. Make good decisions that empower you and your life and make sure you are happy with the path your life is taking.
Don't have regrets. You are in charge of your future and destiny own it always xxxx big love to you
Hi Simon,
Just read your blog. Absolutely amazing what you are doing. I will definitely sponsor you.
I totally feel your pain. Its been 15 yrs and i can barely remember what my sister was like before the schizophrenia. I feel guilty for moving away and not supporting her back then. But now i try to spend time with her whenever i can. She’s still in there somewhere. For the first ever last month, i was able to get her to open up and for once she actually spoke with some logic. And she actually made sense.
I am going to therapy with her mid may. I heard this therapy called family constellations can help people suffering from mental illness. I will keep you posted with our progress. She has improved and im really hopeful that she will get better.
Good luck with your training and fund raising.
All the best to you and stephen.
X x x x x X

for your brother/my sister (would have been her bithday on St Patricks day) and for everyone whose lives have been touched by this Vile 'invader' !
Dearest Simon,
I have just started reading some of your incredible, emotional and inspiring blog. Honestly Simon, you really are an amazing man. I am so sorry for the sadness and crippling low points you have had in your life when your dad died. It takes such strength to pick yourself up after a huge loss and to battle the depression you suffered. And slowly but surely you have managed to get back on your feet. I don't underestimate how difficult this must have been and how many dark days you have to overcome to get here. But you have always been a fighter, achieving so many things in your life. Where some people sit and talk about doing something, you have got up and done it!.........

Just wanted to message to say I have just read your blog in its entirety and think it is a wonderful thing to do, the blog is great and will follow your journey and of course sponsor you . Mental health is a big issue for myself too. My uncle took his own life last year and many members of my family suffer from depression and manic episodes
hey simon,
i was at your blog and just wanted to say hello...couldnt help my tears going down on my cheeks...made me think a lot..cannot even describe what i felt but its deep, the deepest of the colour blue. i dunno the others but, i found similarities with me in what you wrote - specially the ' sie, are you crazy?' post...
i think we live in an era, where, people keep things to themselves and do not share....worse, they do not even share with themselves! somehow we are torn apart with our own soul..the reason why i was so touched might be because today,while i was packing, i found many notebooks where i used to write my feelings, my aims, my writing, plus sharing, is really important to remember or realize things...that might be the reason why many people are moved, because, you made us look into our ownselves. but anyway its late so all i wanna say is, it was nice to read, and i thank you for that
Well done on your running Simon! You're doing amazing x I've read your blog a few times now, keep up the good work & positive vibes!! Mental illness is shit and often happens to the people that really do give a shit about others and care a lot about people and letting people down. I've been there twice and it's been the most frightening and lonely places ever. Running has pulled me through many of times. Hope has also pulled me through and to never ever give up because things DO get better and everyone can be happy if you just believe it! Gosh, sounds like a song! I'm sure your mum & brother are really proud of you!
Simon, it is an amazing thing what you are doing! I must confess that my life story is very similar to yours.. my sister has a mental illness and my father passed away very suddenly 12 years ago and I really know what does it mean. That’s why it is even more touching for me.. I support you totally and respect you a lot for your courage and determination!
Bravo Simon, run!"



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