Friday, 22 March 2013




You know I had problems with my calf muscles - even back in December and January. And you know that my achilles has been aching and giving me pain during the last 1-2 weeks. I did a 20km run last Friday, and another 20km run last Sunday. All the time that nagging pain was there in my achilles heel on my right foot/leg. I did a soft 5km jog together with 600 walking lunges on Tuesday night. But Since Sunday my achilles has got gradually worse and is causing me pain.
Disaster has struck.
I can't run.

Everyone I have told about my achilles problem (who know's about running long distances) tells me it's a disaster and it is better to call the whole thing off immediately. Basically, the long distances I've covered in the short space of time are having a negative effect on my body. No matter how much Victoria lovingly helps and supports me during this process the cold fact is I'm just not in the damn physical condition to tackle an insane distance like 100 miles. I'm not even in a condition to tackle a goddamn marathon if the truth be known. April 27th is like 5 weeks away. To lose 2-3 weeks recovering/resting from achilles pain now would mean I basically have no more time to train before attempting 100 miles non-stop.
It's basically a million-to-one hope.

I have taken a day off work today just to rest, put ice on it, and DO NOTHING. JUST NOT MOVE. I'm trying desperately to search for a doctor in Milan, but it's not easy. This is when living in a different country and not speaking the language make you feel very lonely indeed......

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